Invited ex housemate over for dinner last weekend! Since I'm so lazy to go out these days I keep inviting friends over.. And since we're cooking so I don't mind more ppl to join..
Tonight my bestie from KL will come for dinner then next mon Winnie & bingda'a turn then June my family is coming for weekend.. So happening don't know my body can cope or not

Radish soup, stir fry vege, steam egg with prawn and 12345 pork rib then follow by sweet potatoes soup as desert.
Only cook like this on weekend when hubby can help me in the kitchen, he will be chopping all the ingredient for meal I have to do is throw everything in pot like a chef!

This is weekday meal.. I try my best to cook every other day after work so sien with eating out and not heathy so a simple homecook will make me happy
Fried fish, ginger pork and tomato egg..normally it take me 45 mins to cook after that Ill be so tiring of standing..😓😭

But after pregnancy cooking become one of my important task to do.. Feed myself and baby a healthy meal! I think that's when I started to becoming 黄面婆

Eat all the fruits!!

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