Yesterday was hubby birthday I didn't plan anything on the day initially coz he actually got a company party to attend last night and he decide last min that he don't want to join but to come home.. I panic attack coz I got nothing for him ler I got the present but not wrapped yet card also haven't write (super failed wife)
Got off from work little earlier went to orchard buy his favorite cupcake from marmalade then rush home pretend nothing prepare dinner that suppose to feed me only

Poor birthday boy have to eat such a simple dishes for his birthday.. Then we watch a movie on tv half way I hide somewhere to prepare the candle and all surprise him with a birthday song.. He very easily impressed and thanks God for that.. I used to be very romantic one lo I'm the who planned surprise and all but after years being together bit tired and he is simple so something simple will make him happy already, will try to do something big for next year big 30 birthday I promise

Also manage to sneak in the closet and get the present wrapped and card written while he washing the dishes.. Brought a wallet for him since he hinted me that his wallet is old and worn out and place it at his side table so he could see it when he come to bed.. when he saw it he ask why you say no prepare still can come out so many thing (coz if him saying no prepare meaning nothing at all!) haha.. Magic mah, this morning surprise him with a big cookie for him to bring to work for snack!

Mission accomplished then he requested for a proper home cook pasta for coming Saturday, so easy right this boy maybe coz his family don't usually celebrate their birthday, he even close his fb birthday notice so people don't wish him..
Okie gotta research what to cook liao! Have a nice day

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