On leave today, Internet guy coming to install connection also waiting my delivery from Lazada.sg
Did some many things in the morning. Go out together with hubby he go to work while me do some groceries and market buy ingredient for my simple lunch then brought breakfast for myself too.. Luckily our new place is very convenient just 5min walk to ntuc and wet market and rows of shops selling all sort of stuff..

Came home to M1 guy to install the modem then I have to fix the router myself! Argh.. His job is much easy then mine, he came for 5mins plug the modem and ciao never even test whether it's works while me have to spend 2 hours struggling how to set up the router and wi fi! All sweaty and aching.. Almost give up then I give the modem a slap! Haha too frustrated and its works! And now I proudly say I set up the wifi of the house to my husband!

Then lazada delivery in between when I fix the router, they sponsor voucher for me to try out their online shopping and share my experience in my blog.. So I brought this kettle, a clothing rack and some baby stuff.. Will share soon when I received all my orders.. But their service generally very fast I order my stuff last fri, the kettle one call me to check when I want to deliver and the rack actually got deliver on sun but no more there to receive so they send it again today! Not bad!

Then I also got the clothing rack assemble and sweat like pig! Since the corridor is narrow so I got a slim rack.. And this corridor actually no ppl walk by since only 2 house this row and we have 1 life each at a side so basically quite private..

and now I'm preparing my lunch, first proper cooking in this house feel like having ABC soup also with the by preparing the ingredient I can test out my new kyocera ceramic peeler! We got all kitchen stuff equipped only last night.. Went to taka to buy rice cooker, ceramic knife and shaver, kitchen scissors and drawer liner.. Enjoy kitchen shopping but wallet got a big hole now..:(

Waiting my lunch is ready.. Thinking should I continue unpack and get the closet organized or study room or just nuah..

Guess I need to do revision for tonight class.. We joined a parenting class call first 60 basically on how to establish n understand baby's routine at first 60 days..last week class was not bad we learn lot of things!

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