Today the day! Moving day! And I'm meeting ping for brunch and calligraphy lesson.. Let my husband do all the job, since I can't do much too.. So must as well enjoy myself out there.. Poor hubby.. But he have 5 hired experience movers with him and they provide dismantle and ensemble service so the move was really quick and efficient according to husband since I'm not involve..My job is to coordinate the delivery of electric appliances and ikea make sure there someone in new place to receive it

Happily enjoy our food!poor boy have to get the main stuff done before I reach home (his mil aka my mum's order, actually is my mum who ask me to dated my friend out on this important day one)

Then she teach me wht she learn from calligraphy course she went few week ago! I got free class!
I enjoy the session!! Thanks babe!! We talk we write and good to learn new thing! Hopefully I get to practice more at home..

Then I come to our new house to this!! My first Mother's Day flower from my love! He never so sweet one lo and he never like to buy flower to him is a waste of money (last flower he gave is on proposal, 4 years ago!).. And he did it for me on Mother's Day haha so sweet😘 love you..

He is busy mopping and cleaning the place now.. Thanks for being such a caring husband

Still so much to unpack 😂😂😂😂

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