my mum 😘

Missing my family, Feel bad can't be back for Mother's Day but my mum also not in the country lar.. She very happening..Last month Japan this month China & Hong Kong
Actually she offer to come down with my dad to help us with the moving then she suddenly very quiet and didn't mention about it..Then my sister told me mum cannot make coz she booked a trip on the week that move!😂 what is this? And don't dare to tell me ok! Haha not that I really expecting her help but very happening lar my mother

Then I have to cancel my order of sending Mother's Day flowers to her office! Back to that picture we took last sat at dinner.. My mum dress better than me and very in now! Haha she got her clothes from taobao and she sell Zumba outfit in fb as hobby! Haha! Business damn good somemore ask me how to expand it so I sponsor bit on fb ad and Google ad

Since Mother's Day coming so I dedicate this post to my mom!! #formymum She is very active at her age.. She jog very morning before she go to the market.. After that come back bath and go to work (sometimes she manage to prepare lunch for us whoever at home)! I always amaze why she can do so many things in the morning, her morning seems to be longer than normal ppl!
She work for my uncle company as Account director she manage lotsa things in the office.. She's a very strict boss in the office

After work she come home to cook dinner for us without failed on weekday! She is a great cook! When she have no idea what to cook she will do cuisine style like some days she will do Korea night, Japanese food, western.. She will be very happy if any of us request for any specific menu so she don't have to think wht to cook.. So whenever I got a chance to go back I'll tell her why I feel like eating and without failed she will pull everything up nicely

She wouldn't eat much for dinner.. After dinner she will be at dance class or Zumba just for workout.. She will come home after her yum cha session with fellow aunties! Super happening right!Then she bath and watch a series of drama before bedtime! That's her day! She also very strict to us when we're young, and she talk very loud even she's not scolding! I remember I have a friend who stay down the street will come to me in morning in sch and ask hey your mummy scold you last night a?

Her biggest dream is to own a her own house renovate and deco it herself.We been to many house viewing, show house and lotsa diy deco book at home.But too bad whenever dad and her brought a house we have no chance to stay coz my dad (long story)
The last house they brought together was a semi d in JB but we had 2moved to KL due to family issue and my mum then brought her first house in KL without my dad but it's so urgent and small that she don manage to renovate it but bit by it over the years

She is a tough and strong women.. Over the years she works and take care of us well.. She work very hard till last 2 year she manage to buy another house with her ability without my dad's help! And she is now happily planning her dream house renovation and Pinterest a lot for ideas! Haha while my dad my mum is planing to rent her current house to him! (As they are staying to together, long story again) so rather having him paying rental to others…

A bit of my father lar he drive new Mercedes model but he never thought of owning a house.. He have lotsa benefits at work but he never put good use of it, he works in a bank for 30 years and counting in his life but he never save money..We don't stay together he only come over the my mum basically cannot depend on him!
And that's the reason why she is tough today

End with this candid that we attempt to take a ootd together!
Love you ma! Thanks for everything and being such a awesome mom to us! 😘


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