Trending hashtag #omgianpregnant we're in week 30 today!! Baby is a size of cucumber now!! I'll definitely miss this pregnancy period having her kicking in my tummy..that's the latest ultrasound scan we did 2weeks ago my mum say her nose look very sharp like daddy, haha too early to say..

My 30 week bump quite huge now, my friend who's baby is 4weeks older have smaller bump.. But my weight stop gaining for 3 weeks already dunno why, normal? my total weight gain is 9.5kg I'm marching into 50kg!! But is amazing to see how my stomach can stretch until so big!! God creation is really amazing! Me and hubby always wonder how big and far my tummy can go! I can barely see my leg now from top view.. Also how can I get rid of this after baby is out! Don't dare to think 1st..😭😭

Pregnancy have been far great always give a happy face confirming with us that baby is good and healthy after each ultrasound., So far nothing major just a fainting on first trimester, when entering 3rd trimester had dizziness and vomiting last Friday suspect food poisoning and today diarrhea that make me feel lightheadedness..after rest I feel better and normal again.. Thanks God!
We spend our long weekend nuah at home coz it's so hot out there!

I'm busy collecting pink stuff my our baby girl! The termo I brought 2 years back can finally take out from storeroom instead of collecting dusk! Now hubby is bugging me to decide on stroller! I don't know which to decide!! I need help! My first 2 options are quinny moodd & bugaboo bee or any other suggestion with this price range? another friend of mine ask me don't get it till baby is born! But the daddy keep seeing promotion here and there and ask to me to decide to lock the price..

Late parcel! Why I always have to deal with it! I order this giant tulle skirt for my maternity shoot but it doesn't came in time! No choice but to wear my existing skirt that doesn't fit me anymore for the shoot!
Order another bralet to match with another skirt for second set and doesn't come as well! Good luck or what!

Then I got this bikinis I got from ASOS that suppose to arrived 2 weeks before my Bali trip decide not to come in time too but second day when I'm in Bali! What is this! And now what should I do with this bikinis!

Why do I always have to deals with this!?!?

Chubby face heading out for dinner craving for jap! I miss sashimi but I guess my only option are those cooked food..

Thinking should we get a nursing armchair? Dayre Mummy is it necessary? Our house now don't have a chair with good backrest support..

Fruits and snack before my lunch is ready. Resting at home today.. Did some work then resting in bed for 1 hour but couldn't fall asleep! Have aircon on but still sweating! I've been sweating so much since second tri my armpit is mostly in wet conditions although people around me are complaining the aircon is too cold! Sorry I know it's gross but this is true, I always ask my colleague who sit beside me am I smelly? I scare I'll have body odor!!

Went downstair to buy some fresh flower.. 7 buck of flower and filled up 3 vase not bad money well spend!

Tiny one put beside bed

One more for coffee table..what a lazy day!! After lunch try to nap again! I hope I can everyday like this!