Got our toiletries from muji their stuff is quite addictive once I started to buy their stuff I want everything in my washroom filled with muji..
Especially love the toiletries bag that you can hang it in hotel bathroom without messing up the toilet with bottles and random stuff

Also packed whatever I have for beach vacation coz I don't know when did I will have a chance for beach holiday especially when later when we have baby..
So I brought with me 4 sunglasses, 2 hats, 4 bikinis, 2 kimono wrap, underwater casing for camera and iPhone..

Wake up super early this morning and who know flight got retimed 😣
So sleepy and tired cannot do duty free shopping normally I love shopping in changi coz things seems to be cheaper, brought books to read for the trip then we settle down near the gate, hubby doing his free foot massage while we kill my times dayreing here..

Our to do list in Bali are sleep, swim, massage (can pregnant do massage or spa?), and eat!

Booked our driver this morning for our 1day food hunting session ( very last minutes) luckily he is available..

Nuah whole day room service for lunch and swim then nap on pool bench.. This is life


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