Baby is 24 weeks! I've been pregnant for almost half a year?!? Couldn't believe it!
And this weekend we booked a flight to Bali for Babymoon!! Ya just somewhere near and relaxing for us! Coz I miss the food there dunno why I love spicy food nowadays and Bali first come to my mind when we wanted a Babymoon.. Actually my boss encourage me to do so she keep saying after baby is born you will miss this kinda life and forget who ur husband is! yeah a Babymoon for us

My mum actually disagree with this idea she say stomach so big also have to go travel! She also disagree of moving out at this timing.. They have many concerns and 'patang' when come to pregnancy..

I've been doing lotsa online shopping for baby and nursery! Almost every week I have parcel sending to me in the office until I feel paiseh with our customer service girl who also receive my stuff..
Clothes mostly from next super fast service, design very nice and quality not bad! Thanks @sharonbee

Receive this yesterday from esty! Wall sticker for nursery

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