End of mid week!! Another 2 days to weekend..ya I love doing countdown, not that I don't love my job but I think weekend motivate me to go to work more la! Haha
Did my 1 year reviews today like so fast work for 1 year already! Everything is good lar everyone is happy with me although I know I always show grumpy face but my peers still write good stuff for me..The only thing I need to improve according to them is to speak up and express myself more! I express by my face but not word only mah..

After sometimes working here I just turn myself into robot mode especially when you know ur word don't make any difference.. So I rather keep quiet and get things done! But this new manager encourage us to let people know hello designer also people ok! We execute stuff! Respect please..
Will see how it goes..
Then this questions pop by her "lets us know what your plan for maternity" and urge to give her answer by end of the months so she can plan and hire people for me to train

Actually I have few options suggested by my mum, hubby and friends.. Let me list all out so I have better picture too
1. Stay home mum! My goal! And no freelance, part time just full time mummy and housewife.. Meaning I would probably quit my job a month before settle myself at home and prepare to pop

2. Get 2 months maternity and become working mother send baby to nanny
My mil suggestion she don't think staying at home with baby alone is a good idea coz she is a working mum to her is boring

3. Taking unpaid for 6 months, (my mum suggestion) then after 6months decide whether to continue work or stay home see how I cope with baby and life

4. Work part time or freelance at home taking care baby and hire a helper.(hubby's suggestion)

How! I left 2 weeks to decide for 'future'!!

Bright side! We got our next house sort out! Still renting lar can't buy hbd coz foreigner buy condo (studio only) need 200k and down payment (boh moolah) so rent is the only option for this point of time..

Thanks God timing all very good! Coz hubby start his new project this week onwards and being lead of the show gonna be crazy busy for him..no time for house viewing and all! So on Sunday we accept the offer from this house near to our current place.. quite spacious and renovated for a hdb, can't wait we gonna spend our 2 years there raising our baby and officially staying on our own yo!

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