Rare activities for me! Baking yeah the last time I tried to bake was disaster so I never thought of it anymore.. Maybe it's Long weekend and I extra time so another attempt of baking hubby favorite cookie..
Hopefully not another disaster..

While waiting for the cookies, let me update what I've done on a public holiday in Singapore (normally we will go back to kl on long weekend but since I got pregnant We reduce our trips back home coz it's very tiring for me) and a public holiday in Singapore is super rare ok! Wait super long only have one day! So must treasure it well!
Good Friday service for my church held on Thursday night so we woke up late on Friday went for brunch at Pacamara

Instead of usual truffle fries that we always had we tried this sweet potatoes stick! So good!! Then too hungry till forget to take pic of rest of the food! Prawn aglio olio and fried middle wing! Both also not bad! Thanks @kathleenkong for introducing this cafe in one of her dayre post! My friends love their food too..

Cookies are out from the oven!!
But a cookies pizza is not what I'm expecting
Cookies Why you stick together so happily! How much space should I give them next time?!

And the tray on lower level is burn!!
But okie lar not really bad after all I still have a tray of cookie pizza to munch on! Haha

Nuah at home whole day and cooked this simple dinner within 30mins.. Have been eating out everyday weekday I prefer something light and homey.. Steam fish and stir fry asparagus and baby corn! Now hubby cleaning the kitchen mess from baking to cooking.. Bliss..😘

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