Joining #weddingcheese bandwagon! Making me realize after the wedding I don't really care to look at the photo anymore and don't even know where the 2 album that I spend plenty time design it hiding in which corner of the house!
But still there's no regret taking it lar.Memory mah, right? Have to find the albums back n force my kids to see next time!
Oh I personally think our photo not very cheesy la #selfsayone coz I planned the shoot from outfit to venue and my best friend took it for us

We didn't take up bridal package coz I hv phobia after visiting few bridal shop n wedding fair! Those people have those give me your money and top up to get whatever you want face, and also of coz the photo la I found shop which I quite like when I look into the albumsss I saw zillion bride having same exactly pose at same old spot! N kthxbye is my answer

Haha start with the less liking one and most cheesy one! You know white gown shoot always hv to act very romantic and loving so yeah give u one lay on the should n he looking far at our future, like I don't need to worry for anything photo

Signature bridal post lay on the grass don't care getting ur gown get dirty yo! Actually is very uncomfortable lar coz u hv ur hair updo with accessories then veil somemore hv lay nicely,n people walk pass the garden seeing 2 people laying on the grass. But ok lar once a life time! This time hubby can rest n I look at him meaning maybe is i love seeing you sleep next to me? Haha but the eye ball damn hurts

Then is this good thing about having photographer you know to take pictures you can research on poses store it in your phone n do referencing when you need ideas! This korean pose very famous that time lar not bad now still quite like it

And folks at home don't like this coz they say see this is your hubby when he old alone in the park.. Meaning I die first lar.. Actually ok what no matter how either one of us also hv to die first I don't mind go first, and I hope he can be like this old man leisurely reading his book living his life gracefully!

Okie end with the most cheesiest white gown shoot now is time to hv fun! We went USS n enjoy our time shooting n taking the ride.. Since we're suppose to have fun so we don't think on many poses just playing with the setting we can find there.. I love this coz is an accident shoot that wind blow n cardigan covered hubby's head!

Then this I hungry wife and stingy husband photo

Then this that I think my husband look very handsome here! Then who know he crop me out n use it as his profile photo for very long time

My favorite of all actually my best friend want to capture the true moment of us being together so we take time to chat n laugh she just shoot the moment

Then we try to replenish one last year for our 2nd wedding anniversary apparently older cannot laugh like tat anymore but still can look at each other

I spend a lot of time on the outfit matching coz I think they plan big part.. And glad I did lar also he is wiling to entertain me to wear whatever I buy

Not-scare-die n shame photo middle in the busy road in orchard.. Worth all the waiting and stares

That time just started to have cafes popping up before everyone started to take couple shoot on cafe.. And this one of favorite

Idea behind this photo :My personal photographer

Of coz a solo shoot of me wearing fake wig to add column to my hair and I hate it! Haha

My wedding theme color we took it at botanic garden and never know we need to ask for permission in order to place props and table set up since its a public park but luckily the security come when the shoot is almost over..

We brought truck load of stuff and a foldable table.. And I was all sweaty and makeup melted but luckily doesn't show in the photo

Fairy tales photo with kids infront of castle haha hope we live happily ever after


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