Enjoying my second trimester to fullness!
-planned a baby moon trip right before 3rd trimester even brought sets of outfit for this trip! Haha of coz are maternity clothes, hopefully arrived before the trip
– try to dress up and make up more since I have more energy
– I'm enjoying all the kicks, punch and hiccups baby having in my womb
– house viewing as much as we can till we settle with one planning to move in on May
– research on maternity shoot inspiration and outfit

– research on baby crib inspiration too!!
So much going on!

Photo took 2 weeks ago when I fly back home for wedding dinner in my current comfy dress but weeks later turn to be not so comfy now coz my stomach grow quite bit of hair (yes I'm having a hairy belly) and this dress keep rubbing on my bump so the hair make me super itchy..

There's something bordering me too but not major

Round ligament pain especially if I walk too much or sneeze too hard, normal? anyone experience it?

Leg cramp happen middle of the night, luckily hubby is a light sleeper whenever I was in pain he will wake up and massage my leg

Food leave bad taste in my mouth that make me feel like vomiting or have gargle with water all the times

Luckily I have no craving but bad too coz have to constantly bother by #firstworldproblem what to eat?!?!?!

Life started to be different our priority seems to be changing
we're looking plans for children education saving, no late night movie or outing, our priority on house viewing is whether the house suitable for baby, shopping for baby seems to be more important than our own's but whenever baby is healthy and kickin from ultrasound screen I'm very thankful and touched..
Gender is 90% confirm but I feel like keeping it secret and reveal it in my maternity shoot..

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