Things you can't eat when pregnant! My mum is those very chillax kinda mum whenever I ask her mum this or that can eat or not..she will say eat whatever you want but in everytime she made me feel like a kiasu mum-to-be..

Ever since my bump getting obvious I tend to get special advice from stranger..

Stranger A (cashier lady) : hubby and I brought papaya then the lady say hey you not suppose to eat papaya.. Cannot you know?! better avoid..
Don't know whether is it true..

Stranger 2: I'm buying breakfast at break talk then lady infront of me seeing me holding hotdog bun again 'are you pregnant?! You can't eat this! And all the deli meat! Like.. Sausage, ham, luncheon meat and list go on.. So what am I suppose to do throw the bun back and say thank you I've waste my time queuing

I know they have good intention but I really don't know what to say except thank you and continue buying whatever they say I'm not suppose to eat..and make them feel I'm not listening

that's a really awkward moment for me

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