Been wasting Lotsa time waiting for bus this week.. Traveling to work is so tired! It's take me 1 hour to reach office from home with 2 bus right and 1 train ride.. Sad life! Can't wait to move on May to end all this!
That's my first pay of Melissa actually I never thought of owning one I am pregnant coz the design doesn't suit me.. But now all I want a comfy and trustworthy shoe for all the walking

On week 17 already! Feeling better and energetic these days can't wait to do baby shopping but we haven't found out the gender #firstworldproblem to me.. Nursery shopping will be end of May when we moved so we don't need to move those heavy stuff twice.. Just hope that we can find a nice house for our little family and imma furnish n decorate it..

This guy is having pregnancy side effect! Haha he gain some weight which he never had for the 28 years of his life.. Pregnancy brain.. Yes trust me he got it instead of me!
He keep forgetting things 2 days of out 4 he will left his stuff and have to go home to take half way to work! What is this!?!? And what I do best? Rolled my eyes and dead stare.. Haha
But still love him lar he very sweet to me and baby.. Or maybe just baby

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