My Pregnancy Essential

#1 My Baby Book

Got it from kikki the design
haven’t update much tho but im happy to look at empty content book everyday
can’t wait to fill up the rest in future

#2 Clarins Stretch Mark Control
Recommend by Sharon, if you ask me whether is it good…i’m not sure
coz right now i just want to prevent stretch mark appear so far haven’t notice any yet, thanks God
so i think it’s working pretty well
use oil at night and cream in the day time, the sales assistant give me few travel size too so i can bring it to work with me..
3. Daily Breakfast 
my fast breakfast in the morning so i have energy to fight with crowd in the train and bus..ya sound like a battle to me, i don’t drink birdnest everyday tho and not sure whether it help just for the sake of drinking since my father will constantly check my birdnest supply
#4 Pregnancy Pillow
 i can’t sleep without it once i own it, love it to max..
 theraline pregnancy pillow is easily bend and very flexible, great purchase ever!
#5 Moisturizing Lotion
my skin turn very dry these day so i try to force myself to apply lotion as much as possible 
#6 Weighing Machine
weight myself every morning and night monitoring my weight so i know how much i gain 
not only me gaining weight hubby too! haha he reach his heavier weight recently! 
Today we may found out baby gender! can’t wait to go to the doctor later to meet our little baby bump

8 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Essential

  1. Harlo mummy Kim

    I am your reader since your college time…i'm overjoyed reading your fashion, travel, life adventures etc since then…happy to know that we are pregnant at almost the same time (i think you are 2 weeks ahead of me)…pls share more about your preggy time, i think many readers like me enjoy reading it 😉

    Stay healthy mummy Kim & baby…take care (with lotsa love)


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