First Trimester Journey

Feel tired all the time!
wake up super early actually after knowing this news i’m more of worried baby healthy how to be more careful this 3 months and not to tell much people about this till baby stable 
so im very kancheong did lotsa research on good gynae in SG how much is maternity package, but Thank God again hubby’s company can covered most of it if baby is delivery normally..
this morning i called one of the women clinic nearby just to do my 1st check, the experience nurse is super professional she ask me all the details then she say it’s too early to visit the doctor and ask me to go next week when i’m in week 6 
incase my dose of frolic acid from 1 to 2 everyday..
so yeah next week only we will our baby thru ultrasound! can’t wait
so today we did a quick shoot for Odelia (baby of OWT clients in SG who we did their pre-wedding last year)  she is so adorable and cute! how i wish to have my baby right now in my arm!hahha
baby is such a happy pill..i’ve been feeling tired and sleepy since morning then im energetic again when i met her the shoot was good~ hopefully they like the photos 
after the shoot i’m a died fish~ i need my nap! how am i gonna work next week! 
later we’re going to dinner & dance that organized by hubby company..
this week is the second party in a club first was Luxola Holiday Party i successfully avoid slip of acohol although i don’t know i’m pregnant! God has his plan! normally i at least drink half glass of wine or beer but no i didn’t even the games required each of the members to drink but i met this super nice barterer that make me non-alcoholic but look alcohol drink! 
just come back from Dinner & Dance.. another drinking session and i have only have some mock tail
 why lar angmoh company always like drinking session in whatever party..
Eventful Sunday
hello baby today we spend morning in the church then go to auntie Gretel, Sze Jia & Esther’s place for house warming all the way at east 
laugh a lot and had mummy’s first Taboo game! it was fun and i enjoy it also use their weighting machine for my first pregnancy weight record: 41.6kg
but today mummy have this pain on my left stomach i’m so worried is you that is alarming me something but again i ask uncle google people there say its normal as long as no bleeding
so just keep remind myself not to be so sensitive and be positive and learn to surrender to mummy tell auntie Esther of your good news! coz so happen she send me photos of bunch of happy pills(babies & toddlers) in church! and she’s always the one i love to share news..
then we went shopping at JEM then dinner by the time we reach home is 9 at night! what a night! i’m so sleepy right now after writing this i’m gonna sleep 
i seldom have diarrhoea in my life but today i got it went to toilet for 3rd time now and still counting!
some more of all days today i choose to wear this romper with vest someone 
so every time i go toilet i have to take off all the clothes! but as long as no bleeding is good
good that i clear out my dirt in my stomach so baby can have clean and healthy stuff!
i’ve been very hardworking in eating frolic acid these day i’m always a forgetful person when come to pills or vitamins intake but i know its important for baby so yeah! ill eat all the frolic acid! not all lar..2 per day as per doctor advice..
Abdomen pain
have this abdomen pain sine last week its like a period cramp kind of pain
i’m worried so called my mum and she ask me did u moved stuff 
i’m was like yah…but just moving my workplace to another table
she warn me not to do so…tho its sound superstitious but just try your best to becareful and avoid all the moving and carrying heavy stuff 
so i decided to tell my lead i don’t think i can take up video job anymore coz it require long hour standing and carrying stuff here and there..tho i like it a lot but i feel very burden and sorry to my baby everytime i tend to move alot when come to video shooting
Thanks God she is very supportive and yeah no more video for me..
can’t wait tomorrow to come! so i can have my first check up to see is baby ok..
been feeling really fatigue and tired this whole week i sleep at 1030 every day! and feel hungry so easily!! arh.. i can see myself putting lotsa weight soon and i start to feel like vomiting the whole day! gosh is that morning sickness???
Our first meeting!
so today we went to market to buy cooking ingredient decided to eat more homecook 
so baby can be healthy baby..and we brought sour plum to ease my vomiting feeling
after that we head to the gynea to do our first check up!
doctor and nurse are very friendly there.. and midwife say is normal to have cramp like period pain on and off as long as no bleeding.. pheeww..Thanks GOD!
and tadaa! first sign of life in my womb!!!!
really i don’t know how many times i Thanks God even still early stage
foetus in correct position and everything seems alright at this stage which is week 6
doctor predict my due date is on singapore national day! haha if only i’m a citizen lar..
we still deciding whether to give birth here or in KL 
next is to sleep more and eat more nutritious food~~
see you in the screen next 2 week baby~ please grow heathy
Hungry Bird!
nowadays when im hungry i really feel angry 
coz that kinda of hungry/empty stomach is something i never experience before
i even feel like vomiting only feel better if i start eating something
and i can’t eat much each meal but i need more meal to avoid this hungry feeling coming back
this weekend is all about sleep and eat!! i never sleep enough tho now sleep x2 times a month ago but ill feel tired and keep yawning after a while!
so many changes in life suddenly, but as long as baby is healthy im happy to adapting to all these~ 
also pimples start popping out should the hormones.. baby you just want mummy to look ugly & fat mum predict is a girl haha coz early changes on preggie is a sign of having a girl..accordingly to my mum lar.. i’m very happy to know that but i leave it to God lar..
Morning Sickness
Morning Sickness is officially here whole day at work feeling like vomiting and nausea
couldn’t concentrate much on work luckily not much work to do since its holiday season
didn’t tell much of my colleague yet so no matter i go to toilet i have to make sure no one come in
have been browsing thru lot of article and books about morning sickness.. 
hopefully my got better after 1st trimester 
i’m very sensitive to smell right now 
Design Department Christmas Dinner
after work we head for pizza and gift exchange! 
i’m afraid i couldn’t handle it coz all day i’ve been feeling really tired and headache 
but after dinner feel much better and we have great time laughing playing games and gift exchange!
i love my department! we should hang out more like that..
ok morning sickness have officially become whole day sickness
i decide to change daily entry to weekly one and foresee a monthly one soon
this week we are back to KL for 2 week Christmas Holiday
baby first ‘meet’ with family~ everyone is excited for our homecoming at least mummy feel so
we planned to meet up few bunch of friends and outing but ended up all cancelled last minutes coz all i want to do is stay home lay on bed and sleep whole day when I’m awake I’m definitely eating 
the only thing we got tick off the list visited Penang with Cathy with her hubby for a food trip! 
but whatever holiao we ate ended up in toilet bowl 1 hour later but worthy lar at least i taste them all
my friend keep remind me to be positive vomit or feeling sick mean baby is active in my worm..i need positive energy once i got pregnant i felt moody and sad i blame hormone and the morning sickness my body is not mine anymore~
then hubby successfully drag me out for brunch with in law they wanted to tried out tim ho wan so we went early to queue for them and the queue is crazy! we know the food doesn’t worth the queue as we always have it in SG but for in-law we join the queue and bad thing happen
we’re half way the long queue suddenly i feel uneasy to breath and dizzy 
the next time i know my vision is blur then black out, i was sweating badly cold sweat to be exact and hubby was holding we tightly on his chest 
he don’t dare to move or walk out the queue as he know i have no strength to walk at all, so happen my in-law arrived and quickly help to carry me over to somewhere with chair accordingly to them i was so pale and body is cold we seated at Dome they ordered hot chocolate and sandwich for me but all i want to do is close my eye and pray..
i can hear their conversation everyone is worried and wanted to bring me to the doctor
i was fine later after food and rest, really Thanks God that i didn’t fall down and hubby was with me
Weak body
after that day onwards i try my very best to avoid crowd and mall (the place i used to like the most) parent and in-law and of coz hubby take extra care of me making sure i eat enough food 
my mum make me chicken essential and teach hubby to make for me when we’re back in SG then my dad brought birdnest for us to bring back, baby you see everyone love you so much! caught a cold one night then fever the next day why so weak! then i went to my mum place to rest and my personal nurse aka my mum taking care of me and recovered super fast! i really miss home 
New Year Retreat with family 
the next day my dad planned a retreat for the family at Sekeping Tenggiri actually i don’t feel like going because the book say that mosquito love pregnant women and i just recovered from fever but Thanks God we did! it was a nice experience, surprisingly not a single bite from mr mozzie or insect i have a good rest and fresh air make me feel better that’s the first day i never vomit ever since, baby seems to love the nature huh.. i think baby is more like the daddy coz i started to hate aircon now i always have my sweater with me i hate artificial air from machine! i can use sleep without fan and air conditioner all night just like hubby! haha i couldn’t believe 
okie back to our stay at Sekeping did i mention we spend our New Year there! it was a great idea waking up in the nature on new year day~ we have quality time with family talk nonsense, enjoy mummy’s steamboat and laughing at each other freaking out to have shower outdoor at night
we rushed to visit my usual gynae in KL actually I’m quite happy to able to booked an appointment 

Supplements and love from everyone
i brought back lotsa love from everyone, herbs from my mum, birdnest from dad, food from in law, and plenty of supplement that everyone suggested but i haven’t touch any yet till the date..
i’m so dread to going back to work! i spend 2 week on bed whenever i thought of the travel journey to work ill get a headache! Thanks God i manage to survive at work my solution to crowded mrt just being patient waited for several train till crowd is lesser only i board the train and walk extra slow just don’t care about time since i’m out earlier i still can reach office at 9 and leave on 6 at least~ Everyone suggest me to work from home since travelling and crowd in the peak hour seems to be dangerous to me but everyday i still make it to work safety so Thanks God lo!
WEEK 10 
try to eat more home cook so whenever i can i rush home to cook 
sometimes when i’m really hungry ill just eat first without waiting for hubby to come home which i never do it before this no matter how late i will insist to wait for him as i don’t like to eat alone 
as for now all i want is to feed my hungry bump only i realise our life no longer about you and me but someone very important is joining us! excited and nervous at the same times!
i always have snack like nuts, granola bar, or at least sweet with me to avoid fainting for the second times i cannot take the risk anymore and i’ve officially increase my meal to 5 per day
but i can only eat half of my meal per times either i eat it later or have snack for next meal 
never a book person never imagine i read a book so fast year that’s pregnancy related one
What to expect – When you expecting
this book answer all my doubts and questions i feel release after reading it every time!
oh and we just brought a pregnancy pillow! thanks to bee who recommend me Theraline and so happen junction8 have it so i quick grab it home 
my new love so looking for to go to bed every night it’s so comfy!!
my day are so boring these day all i wanna do after work is bath eat and sleep! maybe watch few episode of drama with hubby before bed.. even same for weekend! other than church i just wanna stay in and buried myself in the bed.. at least we make it to buy blender for juice and weighing machine! i got a red Kenwood blender to match with my red Mayer pan set..
i always looking forward for week 12 as i thought its the end of 1st trimester! everyone giving me hope that i will feel better after 1st trimester and i’m so cannot wait to it! but no! week 12 is not the end! argh apparently another 2 to 3 weeks~ this week i feel extra fatigue! i can fall asleep right after dinner as early as 830 to the next morning! pig or what! and my uncertain bump size! i wake up to small tiny bump every morning then it’s getting bigger after every meal till dinner time it become huge like big bump! like a balloon! so bloated which make me can’t breath properly.. and since last week i don’t throw up food i ate anymore which is good but only wind yes throw up wind like burping but in vomiting way and in very loud and scary volume! its always happen in the morning and stop till i throw up some gastric juice…phew.. and i’m monitoring my weight with my new weighing machine so far 1kg gain~ never in my life feeling so happy about gaining weight! 
and also try to drink cup of fresh blend juice before breakfast and eat more fruits to solve constipation problem 
sometimes i’m really frustrated, dizzy, difficult in breathing when the train is pack with crowd and those are seated are normal healthy people instead of old, mum with kids or preggie of cause i can’t do anything about it but just want to complain.. me and my friend was saying first trimester is the worst stage but since most of us don’t look like pregnant no bump showing no maternity clothing but inside us our body was having war! and no one is giving us seat! when i feeling thick-skin i just grab empty priority seat and people will start staring at me they must be thinking hello u look healthy and normal why are you siting? haih awkward moment.. SG should practice this pregnancy badges like what they have in Japan! and it should be given by gynae when they annouce you’re pregnant with those pregnancy handbook rather than milk powder advertisement! 
we need this!!
Baby is size of a Peach! 
Heartburn is here! i couldn’t sleep last night all thanks to this new pregnancy symptom
i’ve been sleeping very well since i got conceive but not now anymore!
when i lay down this discomfort burning sensation on my chest is killing me
not sure is it the food i had the night before trying to find what i did to trigger this heartburn
Have been working from home on Monday don’t know why my Monday always so dramatic
but Thanks God my job and boss allow me to work from home
so i don’t need to travel and suffer in the office but work comfortably at work
this week have been eating out a lot so lazy to cook
finally that’s one day i feel like going out after work
so i dated hubby to Paragon coz i’m planning to shoot Maternity announcement picture this Saturday, like finally..  and i wanted to buy a cute pair of baby shoe but unisex since we haven’t found out the gender of our precious little one..and i do some online research before i spend my time out since i can’t afford a window shopping so i found few cute one from Château de Sable
super cute and very affordable that also match the outfit i planned for us now i can’t wait for the shoot, hope photos turn out good too
we also saw this very cute dress that we brought for our little niece..buying children stuff make us so happy!
my bump size it’s quite obvious already tho the size is still uncertain to to bloated and gas
but when it’s bloated badly i do look like 5 months pregnant so i decided to buy stretch mark cream
thanks to my pregnancy consultant Miss Sharon Bee 
the Clarins Stretch Mark Control Cream & Tonic Body Treatment Oil
but now i only remember to apply the oil at night as my morning is always rushing 
i seldom shop myself since i got pregnant other than tired and lazy all my focus is on baby related stuff
I’m happy to spend on baby rather than me since CNY is approaching i have no choice just go online and grab free loose or shift dress that i can wear during the festive 

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  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! Sounds like you're having an adventure there! Let me know if that stretch mark cream works well, another option is the ever famous cocoa butter brand 🙂


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