Start work after a good 1 week rest! My cny is awesome is all about afternoon nap and non stop eating.. Both our family are very quiet and uneventful my in law goes travel every cny so only left me hubby, sister and maid at home on the chu 3.. My family have nothing much to do too so i have good time in bed and doing nothing

But this year we have this cheeky girl (our niece) with us.. That make our usual-boring-kl kinda cny more lively.. She is so active and energetic and smiley at the same time! When there's kids in the house cny seems to be more fun.. Can't wait for next year so my baby can join the fun too!

Luckily is second trimester I started to feel better and wiling to dress up and put on make up.. I did very last minutes shopping on chuxi.. At least my tolerance to mall and shopping increase from 1 hour to 3 hour max!
This year pai nian no one asked me 'when are you guys planning for baby!' Question anymore! They even gives angpao to me by putting it on my bump haha..surprisingly is a belief of giving blessing to the baby so we just collected for baby funding!

Meet up these pretty ladies @chanwon92 @cathykhu @sharonbee after so long and meet handsome baby Matthias.. Quick but good catch up should do it more often too many to update and also learn from hot mummy Sharon..
Cannot take picture with them anymore lo I look fat and short in all the photos

See! Fat and short and how come this Sharon so slim after give birth a?

This trip back my family kinda into guessing baby gender.. My Aunty say confirm is a boy! Haha coz she have 3 boys so she know how having boy look like.. Then my mum confidently saying is a girl coz she say I got morning sickness earlier and the Chinese calendar say it's a girl..Haha my father secretly hope is a boy and my sister love baby is a girl she they can buy nice dress.Anyone wanna join the guessing game? Haha btw this week check up we should be able to know the gender and shopping begin

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