The Magical Double Line

Double Line
Today was suppose to my period due date.. so for fun and curious(coz this months at least 5 people come to me and ask am i pregnant??!? i was like really? do i gain some fat or what) so i did a pregnancy test (we stock up pregnancy test kit from malaysia since we planing for a baby coz it’s cheaper there! #cheapskateparent) coz i’m very desperate so whenever my period is late ill go and test it out been trying for 2 months and no luck and very disappointed with the 1 line result each time so i didn’t give much hope this month since my period is even a day late 
so just test it for fun and was not really concentrate and pass all my urine without letting some on the test area! hhaha i was thinking do God want me don’t test it or what but i dont give up
and i drink lotsa water later to wait for my next urine.. and you know what!
my first 2 line in my life!!! im so thankful to God 
ever since we wanted a child we have been praying to God 
then i was thinking hey it may not be true right? so i take out another pregnancy kit from another brand (see i tell u we stock up pregnancy test) haha and 2nd double line appear!!! i’m overjoy most of the people must have call the husband to share this big news at the first time but i’m giving him a surprise~ (i always plan to do so coz i love to see his surprise face and expression) i called my mum and announce the news to her she very happy and keep asking me to eat more, take care and you’re such a joy to everyone

so i got this soft toy from Bunnies by the bays that we found in Isetan few months back he say he will buy this for our baby in future together with the “proofs” in a box
all wrap and ready for him to reveal his surprise gift from GOD!
and secretly shoot a video of him open up the gift to record down the precious moment..
both of us have tear in our eye and straight we pray together holding hand God just keep pouring blessing on us! we pray that this baby can grow in God’s word and guidance and honour God
so hubby can’t wait to call parent-in-law so we called mil is happy and say it’s time ~ haha
don’t know why after i know this news i’m extra sensitive with the feeling in stomach i keep feeling that’s sense of cramp here and there throughout the night but i googled it’s say its quite normal as long as no bleeding.. baby please stick on mummy’s ovary firm ok!


4 thoughts on “The Magical Double Line

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