Baby planing 👶

My due date is 9 August (sg national day)haha no different for us since we're not citizen

Speaking of baby planing..We actually plan to have baby after one year honey mood as both of us love kids & kiddo in our church are super cute and lovable that make us have the urge to make our own Baby and they can grow together with other baby in our church in KL..
But God have better plan for us that time when we just wanted to try it out.. Hubby got a job offer here and I of coz have to follow along..

My mum actually try to convince me to stay in kl continue my plan to have baby and so she can take care of us too.. But I don't want to leave my husband alone in foreign country & having pregnancy all by myself without him going through together with me, other reason I grown up having father working oversea (china) for many years that was hard time for my mum and us (yes he did earn a lot for us) but he missed stage growing us up.. And I don't wan this happen to my own family too

So I insisted to move to KL leave my freelance job and family, jump back as full timer in SG. Everything is good and we start our brand new life just by our own.. Baby planning was postpone too
With both of us working and being new in this foreign county and lots of other worries so say yes to another enjoyable year living as a couple..

I really Thank God for this year living by our own, we learn and know more about each other it's different from staying with in-law and family..We build our own family cultures and habit which I think is good to prepare us for baby.We simply enjoy doing house chores together cooking, doing laundry, folding clothes, cleaning house which we don't need to do any of it at home and from all these small stuff I appreciate him as my husband even more
(Wah I go very far from my story huh, continue later

Am back sorry only manage to blog after work.. And thanks for liking this post

2 years of marriage was great time I have we go thru sweet time sticking each other, and also long distance ( having him working oversea Taiwan and sg), and time when we wanna start our own business OWT, time when his ex company bankrupt and him jobless, time trying to fit into ourself in each other family, and also giving up my career to follow his path and it's all worthy!

So after another 1 year enjoying 二人世界 in SG.. Another great thing happen we're indeed thankful for it hubby got a better job offer in a better company and make us feel like hey it's time! God slowly provide us more than what we need and solve all our worries and why are we have so little faith in Him.. So yeah we started to try it out and bearing in mind it's a gift from God.. So no stress or no way we can rush it as we know it's not easy and can cause lot of tension to both!

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