Our company is having this guardian angel and human game going on for valentine season and this is my first treat from my lovely angel! Really brighten up my morning! And encourage me to do more for my human..

I've been looking very moody and tired these 3 months due to morning sickness and hormones
These are comments I often got from close colleague (coz other colleague dare not come close to me)
1. Kim you look so tired/exhausted
2. You should smile more! What happen to you?!
3. Why you look like wanna kill someone all the time!
4. Are you ok?!? You need any help or anything let me know!

Haha for those who are close I'll just tell them what happen for the rest I don't care to explain..

Coz I'm really tired most of the time and really feel like killing someone especially there's last min campaign to handle..
But really cannot control my emotion or my facial expression & my mood but my colleague all very sweet and bear with me..

I do feel better since last week! Less fatigue and more cheerful! Praise the Lord for second trimester! Hopefully nobody will see grumpy Kim soon

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