The real reason of my disappearance! I'm pregnant ☺️
We're very thankful that God answer our prayer for giving us this precious gift..
I'm now a preggie!

In the beginning of second trimester.. Can't wait to be back to my normal self! Everyone tell me I'll feel better once I enter 2nd tri right?!
Short summary of my first trimester
⭕️vomiting (I eat I throw up from food to gas, acidic liquid to white foam)

⭕️fatigue (I feel tired most of the time, I can sleep anytime..first 2 month I slept at 8 or 9 everynight)

⭕️Nausea & dizziness ( first time in my life I fainted on the street but Thanks God I din fell down and second time I'm alone and thanks god again I have experience quickly grab a seat and slip on sugary drink)

⭕️ Constipation (was really bad first month but after having fruit juice and prune frequently in morning had solve this so far)

Basically I just wanna camp at home or bed to be exact don't feel like going out..never visit mall for proper shopping for months! thanks hormones!!

Never thought morning sickness can be this bad and 'life changing' till I experience it myself!! Salute to all mommies!!

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