photo from hubby company's d&d last week..

With Lucas film mascot! Ya these mascot will make appearance whenever there's a company event! Coz the company produce the legendary Star Wars movie
My mum saw this pic on fb and call me and remind me I gain some weight!! why u so cruel! Haha Yala I really gain weight no exercise at all!!

I'm wearing mds crop top, and scuba skirt in orange red from rockstar

Cheek also fat! But one good thing about gaining fat! Bra cup upsize! Haha dunno good or bad..

Off at 515 today!! Been reaching office at 9 everyday but average going home at 730! So I reward myself for going off earlier.. I don't care d lar.. I just complete my task and chaoz.. At first I scare will gv bad examples to others but my colleague who come early as me say don't care ppl think la just do ir best on ur work leave at reasonable timing can yeah each week there's always this one way I'll leave early! And get my life back!

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