i often shoot my haul or random stuff on and off store them in unknown folders
since i’m free from work today so i should post them all up and share with you my current favourite
My base! Banila Co CC Cream, Laneige BB cushion & Chanel pressed powder
i dont apply them all at once normally, for everyday working look i only put cc cream and bit of pressed powder, if i have event at night after work or weekend then Laneige and pressed powder..
if i have to attend important function i will use all CC cream first to give color control as a base then laneige bb cushion as base and healthy skin look after my full make up then pressed it with Chanel powder

Accessories i got from last Bangkok trip
didn’t manage to buy much clothes so these are my favourite buy 
accessories from Chatuchak market & Chanel pressed powder from Dong Muang Airport

 October buy from Topshop
Crop knitted top which i washed once with machine and turn it into a baby size top! maybe i can keep it for my daughter in future!! then this basic vest that i worn once and find it too low cut~
 My make up essential
1. Benefit pore proffesional 2. Banila Co CC cream 3.Laneige BB Cushion 4. 3CE waterful concealor & face maker 5. Ettusais lip essence 6. Innisfree eyelash curler 7. Chanel Pressed Powder 8.Zoeva angle brush!
Daniel Wellington one for me and one for him

5 thoughts on “#Layflat

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