Take a leave today.. Have been feeling sick and tired since Monday finally today is not so bz and I think half of the people in the office are having hungover and coming in half day so I think it's time for me to get a rest at home

Yesterday was our luxola holiday party! We are divided into groups for a treasure hunt games! Everyone is having fun dressing up! Run around town with our weird and funny outfit!

This pink group come out with supper hilarious morphsuit! The definitely deserve best dress! Passerby have lot of fun looking at them doing stupid stuff on the street and of coz the very tight lower part! They should been stomp!

Boss declare today for half day and ask everyone to party till midnight.. Me and a few sneak home coz I don't enjoy drinking.. Drink is the company culture, whatever event/celebrations/occasions is always drinking and drinking and no food! Basically everyone stave and drink! Which I don't like.. And don't wish myself adapting this culture.. At 8ish there someone drunk and doing stupid stuff ..

Enjoy playing with our Brice last week! She is such a happy n cheerful baby that simply simple n laugh at you no matter what u do..
When I show this pic to my mum she say baby remind her of me who was having single eyelid when I first born till primary school.. And she say lucky my younger brother n sister all have deep double eyelid 😦 coz my dad n mum both hv beautiful double eyelid..

And Thank God my eyelid decided to grow into 2 layer when I'm in secondary school, no need to do surgery! Haha I really Thank God! So don't worry if your baby is single eye lid! If not also Nvm lar! Everyone is pretty on their own way!

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