Super exhausted and not good day at work!!!
Exhausted part: reach SG at 4am slept awhile then get up for work so tempted to work from home! Thanks God I didn't! Coz design team kena again! It's been a few week people ask what happen to ur team! Coz everyone come super late at work nowadays!I'm always second one to reach jas always punctual and I always try to reach before 10 then today me n jas was late! Coz she is kinda sick and I'm late at 10.10am coz not enuf sleep and no energy to chase bus

Not-a-good day part: someone from our team make a mistake so marketing manager is looking for someone to solve the problem and so happen till 10 department still empty! So we kena! And everyone received email asking us to come to work early! Haih…
Imma gonna go to work at 830am Tml! I promise! See what u gonna say! And we always stay late ok!

Feel sick and fever make my mood really bad!! I cannot take it!

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