Had mexican food last Friday with my lead I love it!! My cheese bake burrito is awesome! I can't finish it tho.. my actual planning on that Friday is to have a quick dinner with her then head home pretend to be good wife wait for hubby come back from his party coz I've been out after work quite a few night so I feel kinda bad for leaving him at home.. But I failed! My Mexican dinner take abt 3hour plus! Haha we talking non stop when we look at the time is almost 11 already!

Honey creme a few weeks back! Super long queue take about 20mins for the Ice cream.. Is too creamy and milky for my liking honey & candy floss as topping was good just don't really like the creme

Simple home cook once a week.. On Saturday soup, vege and egg
Can't really have the energy to cook after work now just wanna settle it fast and head home bath and rest!

Hokkaido fair last week at isetan! I'm surprise those vendor really come from Japan! Have this scallop sashimi bento for $10 only!! Worthy max!

Other food we got from the fair scallop bento, croquette, and I don't what that call.. Everything was yummy!

Had our first bak kut teh in sg! Thanks @winnie and bingda for bring us there and being force to eat with us! I like peppery bak kut teh then the one we had in kl so I enjoy it very much and it's all rib so no fats and oily meat! Totally my kind of bkt!

Haha tourist photo! We went to founder bak kut teh at Balestier road

Have a another great night this girl @winniechia

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