#foty (face of yesterday) love this berry shade Matt lipstick from innisfree! I can't go out without lipstick now even everyday to work I need lipstick! If not people will comment that I look tired or something missing on my face!
Hubby hate lipstick the most to him is like pulling chemical on the lip and when I eat I eat it with my food! Haha n don't want me to kiss him when I have lipstick on! Even on the face 😦

We have nene chicken (Korean fried chicken) for dinner! We both think is better than 4 finger! The sauce is very flavorful and chicken is juicy!!

Happy pill greet me in office on Monday ..

I really really love dayre web layout! So much easy to read and view on old post!!! So many memories!! I really enjoy reading each of my previous post! I regret that I didn't blog enough! I should have post more and note down every single things in life

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