That what in the box!! My Philip lim 3.1 I randomly send the link to hubby he also randomly brought it and randomly send to my office
Hehe not tat random actually I've been mention about this bag since forever maybe he just wanna get my mouth shut.. But I love this way of keep my mouth shut! Just joking

Thanks love! I don't carry it to work on weekdays coz I need to bring my big old fashion water tumbler to work..:)

Been really crazy at work coz of holiday season and crazy big sale target to hit within this 2 month.. But we're kinda tired d so we will still try to leave at 7 or before 8 don't wanna care already! Everyone please stay tune for big sales and special Christmas gift set! I myself also will buy on those sales coz it's even better deal than staff price! Really! I've been addicted to SK II lately I brought the treatment essence last sale and got another set last Friday! And for my mum too!

I can feel the difference after using it for 2 weeks! It's absorb to skin very fast u can get smoother and firm skin!


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