Miss him so much today at work dunno why.. I feel bad to go out after work or staying late at work sometimes attend company event and having him to stay at home alone eating Maggie mee or tabao dinner.. Maybe he enjoy alone time, but I feel I'm not a good wife..Luckily he started to join some activities in his new office so I feel less guilty now

My belated birthday present from him finally arrived! Any wild guess what is inside? I remember I post here in dayre before.. This week I received all my belated present another one from my colleagues! They give me Kiki k gift card!! I'm so happy! Really! Have been eyeing on this new collection for holiday season!

This week beauty buy from Luxola! Real technique silicone liner brush and skII treatment essence! My first SKII lot of people telling it's a no return road once you use SKII but who don't want nice skin right! Don't care try and see whether it work on me! I'm planning to buy a set for my mum on tomorrow sales too!! Sneak peak!! Tml LUxola sale yo!

New love is 3CE gradient blusher that my friend got it for me from Korea

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