Hello November

Morning! Another Saturday I'm spending my half day alone at home! Coz the husband called to work.. Good for him so he got replacement leave his new job jade vy minimal annual leave so he have to hard work abit to gather more leave fore future! Poor thing..

In the mood of shooting nice for my room with my camera this morning..
My to do list today
⭕️make bed, clean room -checked
⭕️rearrange stuff and wardrobe -checked
️⭕️design Christmas invitation and ticket for church
⭕️email some work stuff
⭕️late lunch with hubby
⭕️checkout editor market new collection in town
⭕️do some groceries shopping
My Saturday is gonna be quite eventful!

Surprisingly the flower I brought last week still looking good!!!

Workspace arranged too we brought another 27" monitor last week for movie n drama! Hahha brought it quite spontaneous actually we've been eyeing on new 27" retina iMac but we decided to get it after Christmas then I heard that this samsung monitor is on sales n hubby just brought a cable tv thingy so yay new monitor

Oh ya I blogged about my birthday staycation 😋 read if you have a boring Saturday like mine

Awesome thing at work! Drama and work at the same time.. If only I can do this on weekdays

This post only allow nice pictures quality.. So I just post whatever I have with me.. Daniel Wellington for us..

Heading now! After is did my my make up I spend 1 hour nuaing and deciding whether to go out of stay in wasting time blame the pms! Ended up dress pretty casual and head out to meet my love..
I really hope I don't have menses next month onward if u get wht I mean!

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