Japanese food craving! I love this japanese restaurant Akashi Sushi in vivo! They serve pretty good japanese food!
Our usual order aburi salmon, foie gras & tobikko sushi
Yum yum

Hubby get the grilled beef set! Medium rare so tender and juicy I the outer part is crunchy! So good I love the charcoal grill taste with the source all over the meat ! Argh I'm hungry now

And my favorite of all!! Which I can't find it in normal japanese restaurant! Mentaiko chazuke!! Super awesome!! I just found out they have a branch in orchard I can have it more often now!!
Argh this post just make me so hungry..

Ootd details yesterday
Topshop vest & studded clutch short from bkk, flat from Editors market

Speaking of jap food Winnie brought me to this place name shiok maki at wisma! Best maki I ever have! Generous amount of tobbiko topping made of avocado, unagi and aburi salmon with amazing sauce of mayo and mentai!!

@winniechia always introduce me with good food😘😚

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