I'm leaving work before sun set!!! Hello sun long time no see! My office actually practice open office hour policy meaning u can go home once u finish ur job or come late as long as u finish ur job but for our department is like you are forever doing your job!
Coz we have endless task to do how to finish and go home.. Like everyday we die die wanna go home then go home continue work some more and weekend we are working too.. Really open office hour lo! Open until no close

We also have this open holiday policy where u don't have a limit leaves to take per year.. U can take as long as u have valid reason! But hor not good too! No limit mean no exact number how much u can take right so no such things as clear leave or taking ur own leave doing nothing.. Only ang moh love it coz they very chillax and thick skin in apply leave.. Not like Asian vy Kia si scare later got sack!

But never mind slowly I grow gut since I'm still new lar.. And we're hiring more designers!! Anyone interested?!?!?

Okie what should I do tonight!?! I don't feel like doing freelance since it's my own time I'm so tired oh ya I stop taking in any freelance job now I cannot take it anymore I need rest at night and weekend..

Okie I always wanna say this I want to thanks whoever have been follow me or read my blog all this while! Although I don't really update much but is always received sweet email, text and comments especially when I share my life update or sharing random thoughts!! These were 2 I receive last month this email from pei yin she mailed me 2 years ago asking my experience in being a freelancer and she left to japan working. I'm surprise to receive her mail and she even ask my add to send me a gift!

Then I got Nicole text!! I'm so touched reading her message! There's someone actually happy for me when I'm happy and care how my life turn to be! Nicole was my customer in reverie she always support us whenever we have a bazaar she will be there! And I'm very happy for her as she have a really cute son now!

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