Been looking at airbnb these few day for our stay in Bali and Korea.. Not sure whether it's a good option for Korea we found lotsa nice studio apartment since we have 4 person is better to stay together and have fun preparing our own breakfast every morning.. But for Bali.. We looking at private villa that recommend by hubby colleague meaning no one gonna serve you breakfast and pay extra for cleaning..and we're planning to invite in law along so that they can relax in the trip

Any experience with airbnb room before?

Have been dealing with work stuff till quite late at night.. Work till 7 come home dinner then continue work again.. Sell to company already or what?!but ok lar i always tell myself I learn a lot what! I do more other stuff than design nowadays.. Which I find interesting and enjoyable at least at the moment..

So exhausted!! I din had my lunch and ate a cup noodle at 4 went to washroom once at 5 and finally manage to breathe at 6! 3 meeting and endless task
friend 1: hey Kim I thought you did your make up when you come to work this morning why it's all gone now?
Friend2: Kim you ok? U a look like half dead!
I'm too tired to head home..and basically just sit there and yawn and blank mind for 30min before I decided to head home.. Heading home dinner then changi.Going home for my mummy dearest birthday.

We did a small celebrAtion here. bring her to do some tourist sightseeing not tat my mum never come sg before she use to come a lot when we stayed in JB when we're young but only for weekend shopping and she never like sg coz she feel vy stressful when she drive here lotsa rules and camera everywhere.if she don't drive it's a lot of walking to travel around so when we propose her to come over to visit at first she's quite hesitate but after me and my sis convince her till she change her mind..

She like flowers so we being her to flower dome to take pictures with flowers! Hahah she enjoy it quite a lot.. Keep snapping pictures of flower.. Oh ya my mum love taking photos of flowers like she go holland, Europe, Japan the photos she come back with are almost flower and flower and only flowers haha .. So cute I will always tease her saying she just grab the picture from google and cheat us saying she went this and that country maybe she just went to port Dickson haha

After some sightseeing.. Whoever come visit me I'll always never failed to bring then to editors market! So we bring them there too and my mum love it too she brought whatever i choose for her! Editor market should be listed in Singapore tour book!
Then we have my favorite Hai Di Lao! Everyone love it ok!and my mum went back kl tell my father how good it is and my father angry with me coz I din bring him along.. And request for steamboat dinner right tat day itself

In the morning she go for jog at the jogging path behind our place then she even join aunties dancing after that she jog to the wet market to buy stuff to cook! Like her own house or what! Haha she cooked 2 meal for us and prepare ingredient for another meal for me to cook the day after she's back to kl.. Argh I love my mum.. She healthier now compare when we tat in JB so she enjoy walking here and taking train herself.. She don't let me pick her up from airport and send her off she insisted!

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