Late to work.. Had wardrobe crisis this morning I don't know what to wear!! The one I wanted to wear need to be iron and I have no time for that those That don't need to iron doesn't seems right on me ! Don't feel like wearing new clothes so I kept digging and digging try and try! Wasted lotsa time.. Argh hate it! Tonight have to fold my clothes again… Gotta start planing some outfit just in case this happen again..

Oh ya new stuff! The Sims 4!!!!finally!
I have been playing the sims since 14! Never failed any expansion or series…From 2D to now very 3D'ish it's a game that it grow up with! Hope I can play it with my kids in future..

Yesterday hubby had rashes all over his body due to food allergy which are very itchy at first we tho we shall wait one night and see or go doctor the next morning but the itchiness is unbearable so we have to go 24 hour clinic to visit the doctor.. It's miracle! Haha after 1 pill the rashes go away this morning all gone! We should have go to the doctor earlier! Now we know if you see rashes just go to the doctor don't wait! Maybe we can eat the medicine that we leftover..

Craving for good crumble! Any good one in sg?


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