Giveaway + Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm Review!

Latest products from Canmake launch in Malaysia!
 Juicy Pure Eyes that come in 4 different shade
Each palette contains 3 neutral tone of eyeshadow! 
It’s a oil-rich formula eyeshadow that enhances translucence and maintains the dewy look, fitting oil helps colors cling to your eyelids, without powder scatter! i never know that! 
the Cushion powder helps colors glide gently over your eyelid.

i personally only prefer neutral shade when come to eyeshadow you can simply create daily natural look or smokey eye for dinner or event 
so when i got to know this new palette from canmake im very happy! becuse this is kind of eyeshadow i will only buy to use and each color are nice and blend easy 
as for my pick i choose 02 Happy Sunny Brown the eyeshadow is really pigmented the god is really shinny and shimmering!

here how i normally apply my eyeshadow
1. apply color 1 which is the gold to the whole of eye socket
2. then apply 2 the brown on the edge of the eye then blend it nicely with color 1 
3. then use the ball of finger pat color 3 on the middle of the 2 color 

pretty easy right? just 3 steps! then i use canmake liquid eyeliner to line my eye 
Stay-on Balm Rouge
i personally never try canmake lip product before this is my one and first time
i love it! it’s really moisture! i try it today at work.. whole day surprisingly no broken lip as usual! i think it’s because of the fomula of super-rich oils enfold your lips like a silken robe that Creates a thin film that clings flexibly to your lips, for a comfortable, non-sticky feeling that lasts and lasts.i must say this is very true! no lie ok!

08 Juicy Peony is the new color that just came to Malaysia
you know what is totally OK to apply directly, even to dry, chapped lips and you’ll be amazed by how smoothly it goes on, even without applying lip balm first! Stay-on balm contains beautifying and moisturizing agents and UV protection that keeps your lips plump, soft and moist while wearing it.
Go get your own Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm from any SASA outlet!
[Giveaway time]
i’m giving away 2 Canmake Juicy Pure Eyeshadow with some other canmake goodies just simply comment why you want it with your email address at comment box below
2 Winners will be pick randomly via
*Winners will be pick by  10 October | Giveaways open to Malaysia readers only

1.KOEY LEOW 2.SHERENE92 3.Sharon 4.Thisisting 5.Esther Lee 6.Anoynmous (p_closet) 7.Sancherrian 8.Thimyun 9.Beatrice 10.Joeann 10.J-Mei 11.Anonymous (Sheliteh) 12.Kelyn 13.Liyee 14.Fionne 15.Meiyun

Winner are no, 14 & 9
Fionne & Beatrice

i will email you girls within this week! Thanks so much for entering this giveaways!

21 thoughts on “Giveaway + Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm Review!

  1. Hello Kim, is me again! 😀
    I wanna get Canmake Juicy Pure Eyeshadow bcuz of the Neutral color, is very suitable for Daily or Event. It just match with everything. Secondly, It's a oil-rich formula!! This is so amazing, i never know that! So this is the reason why I want to win Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes :p Wish me luck.

    Email: koey


  2. Hi, Kim! I'm Sherene and I would like to win the Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes because of several reasons.
    1) I'm still a girl with tanned skin and I've tried other brands of eye shadow which appear to be less pigmented/colourless on my skin.
    2) I'm a newbie in make up and I truly believe this eye shadow platter will help me in completing my eye make up easily.
    3) I love the natural colour.

    In short, I hope I can win this newly launched product “Canmake Juicy Pure”. Thank you 🙂



  3. Hi Kim!

    I want to win the Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes because my eyelids are quite greasy and all eyeshadow I have used so far usually disappear or move away from my eye after a while of using. This Canmake oil-rich formula should really be able to help me! I have a wedding dinner soon, hopefully can win it so that I can have nice eye makeup to attend the wedding! 🙂 Thank you Kim for your giveaway!



  4. Hi Kim,

    I would appreciate to receive and try this Canmake Juicy Eyeshadow in neutral shade. I hope this eyeshadow will do the miracle to enhance my daily look. Can't wait to try it, because my current neutral colored eyeshadow don't last long on my lid. Thank you for having this giveaway Kim!


  5. Heylo Kim! erm I wanna win the Canmake juicy pure eyeshadow is because I like the colour so much! Wanted to get that range of colour but I hardly find it! Been trying my first eyeshadow palettes since last year but I'm not quite satisfying with it yet, I'm sure that Canmake juicy pure eyeshadow will surely give me a good result of eyeshadow! I hope I'll get the giveaway! Thankyou xoxo



  6. Hi Kim! I wish to win the Canmake Juicy Pure Eyeshadow because I have 4 wedding reception to attend and I need to make myself pretty after a tiring but happy wedding I had last week. �� and I have been wanting to try Canmake products so this is a good time! Thank you!


  7. Hi, Kim!

    I would like to receive Canmake Juicy Pure Eyeshadow as I've just recently graduated and will be entering another phase of my life as a young working adult.

    Just like you, I've always preferred neutral look when it comes to make up. By reading through you reviews on this Canmake series, it further convince me that this is the right product that I've been eyeing for. I believe this will be the perfect complement to enhance my natural features and gives me a fresh and subtle look without having to pile on too many products. A fresh look is always in style!

    Thank you so much for reading and thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. Have a nice day!



  8. Hi Kim,
    I really hope that I could win this Canmake Juicy Pure Eyeshadow as I have just started to learn how to makeup and I feel that the earthy tone colour would be suitable for people like me who is a beginner.

    Can't wait to see how it can do magic on my eyes!


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