I love long weekend! Why do we have 3 day off rather than 2 ? Coz I feel much recharged from 3 days resting than the normal weekend..

Random little stuff in the morning
Hubby new job start early now so since last week he have to wake up early than me to work.. he will prepare these thing for me in the morning..tho I never do anything like tat for the pass half a years coz I'm always rushing to work! Haha bad wife.. So the green bag is remind me to eat my breakfast, filled water tumbler, soy milk and nestum for me to bring to work.. Which I left it home coz I few pack in the office untouched yet..
Feel loved 😘

Another random thing today.. New shoe to work! And new top too actually, passed long weekend Topshop having 2nd piece 40%!! Die die oso must find something to buy

We did quite bit of shopping pass few days and both of us realize we are easily impressed kind of shoppers.. He love to try out tester and new stuff so he will take and share with me.. We always ended up amazed with whatever thing he took from testing counter and brought all the things we tested from Korea soy milk, free dunno what green tea, to one whole chicken for soup cooking that cost 13.80 coz it's really good and the Aunty very convincing .So to conclude ntuc is very dangerous on weekend

Then we went Tangs yesterday and this uncle look like a professional cook was giving some cooking lesson at a pot selling counter! We stand there watch him cook 3 dishes like more than half an hours with bunch of aunties around us! And ended up buying the pot that he been using to cook! And no Aunty buy in the end! They just there taking pen and paper write down whatever the cook teach and test all the food he cooked.. And walk away haha they determination very 👍

My ultimate shopping kaki

Oh yesterday we saw this dress in Topshop and I tried so fitting! I love the cutting but I'm afraid my tummy cannot make it! Haha

Love this top but got stain and last piece

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