6Tips for my #OOTD Photos

So happening this September! i barely have times to blog or jot down what’s happening here
trust me i really miss blogging.. my september is really awesome!
spend quality time back home in KL and short vacation in bkk with hubby for my birthday
once i got back i’m busy with work mum and sis came visit then september just end like that!
 back too the trip i love vacation meaning i have endless ootd pictures! haha
so i’m taking to write this post of how to take nice ootd images
1. Background
i personally don’t prefer messy background like this but the lighting is nice and give a different feel to the outcome so be bold when choosing background. my first option will always be depth rather than near to wall or backdrop so you will look lively and less boring. It’s good to have a lot of options so you can avoid direct sunlight and find colors that compliment your clothing!
2. Invest a good lens
this set of photos are taken by Sony alpha a6000 with 35mm f/1.8 lens
a lot of people though of buying dslr for better quality outfit pictures actually you don’t need to as long as you have a moderate mirroless camera that allow you to change lenses you can opt a better lens with good aperture to create nice blur depth of field images 
meaning to say if you have good dslr but a kit lens.. it’s actually don’t bring big different to the outcome
3.Details/ close up in the look
for ootd details is best to shoot it landscape and focus on less than 2 thing in your outfit for example here all i want to focus is just cut of the top and print of the skirt, try not to be too ambitious eg. put your hand up to feature accessories or watch… i love my photos to be minimalist
4.Good Lighting & Timing! 

Natural light is always the best solution for a great OOTD with a good lighting you basically do not need to edit the picture. I normally shoot my ootd outdoor before i head to a destination when i still look refresh, you wouldn’t look good after a movie or whole day shopping right? so timing is important too! the only cons of shooting outdoor is always have strange staring at you but just not try to pose too hard to avoid awkwardness be yourself stare somewhere else than looking straight to the camera! *that my tips!aha

5. Poses

 is best if your photographer take candid pictures so you don’t look to stiff
but i do have standard ootd pose just like pictures above this (wearing shade) one of leg is front so my leg look longer hand just relax..

6. Find Your Angles
You may try a bunch of different angles and see what you like, my hubby always have to squat down to take my ootd from below so i appear taller  (since i’m 5’3″) in the pictures!

here my ootd details
Top: Platinum Mall
Bralet & Lemon Skort: Liberty Love boutique, BKK
Shoe: Charles & Keith

Hope you find my tips helpful!

7 thoughts on “6Tips for my #OOTD Photos

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