I'm feeling much better now! Thanks God!! And thanks for your words!! Yesterday I feel very ill, feverish and stomach cramp can't imagine how dirty is the chicken rice! Slept more than 10 hours this two day.. A good recharge from trip and touring around sg last weekend

Thank you my guy for taking care of me and keep forcing me to take mc! But everyday I ended up at work! Haha.. I got mc from doc last night for today.. But I'm on my way to work now.. Me vy piang mia ( life vy hard in hokkien) haha
I think he love that I sleep earlier so he can play his game when I'm asleep and enjoy his own sweet time at night

Oh ya I dye my hair to black!!! Yes black but it turn out but dark brown instead of full black , quite like it..
Hope this color stay so I don't need to worry of my root problem anymore!

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