Food poisoning ..
I think is the chicken rice I had for lunch! I normally don't eat chicken rice but today I realize one of the chicken rice stall that I hate changed vendor so I decide to try and who know it's sucks big time!!! I vomited 4 times! And I foresee more I coming! Sometimes I prefer diarrhea over vomit! But doc say I can't have diarrhea coz I hv low blood pressure I got dehydrate too easy.. Argh

So lazy to see doctor.. And I struggle to come home from work so I took a cab and cost me a bomb! What a bad day!!!
I miss my mum

whenever I'm sick I miss my mum even more ,feel like calling her but don't want make her worried..
Vomit u better stop! I got nothing to spew anymore!!

Today I have plans and force to cancel! Was suppose to do eyelash extension my colleaugue book for me and meet @winniechia after that.. But I just can't I'm not sure when is the stuff throwing out from my stomach

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