Have a great weekend back home!! Spend 4 days quality time with my family! So loved!!!
Saturday we got errand running in the mall then found out my name got black listed in Digi.. Someone stole my number and the bill came out super crazy the Digi guy ask us to make a polis report but I don't want to spend my precious half in the police station so maybe next round.. Then we have dinner with my family at me n my dad favorite 湖南菜!! Quite disappointing tho dishes became less spicy nowadays! Sad 😭

But still fix my crave for 水煮鱼,蒙古羊肉串, and lot of yummy 凉拌!

On Sunday after church and studio.. Brought my family to jump street! It was fun! My sis and hubby manage to do quite a few of diff jumping pattern me and parent just jump for fun! Haha we scare our bone broke..

Then we have japanese BBQ at Bangoya for my advance birthday dinner coz I wun be back for my birthday…

Sweaty and barefaced after all the jumping!

And my crazy dad!
Love the environment there and great place for gathering! My family love japanese BBQ a lot! Coz my father can drink and my sister love everything BBQ

Monday must do! Village park nasi lemak!

Okie end of holiday my Malaysia day is basically attend wedding of hubby cousin and no pictures taken..
And I went back to work with these on my desk! My cute colleague love them so much!! Even got voucher some more! I quite enjoy working I constantly check on mail and reply when I'm away.. Don't feel burden but my responsibility!

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