Super tiring weekend! Not that eventful but full of work!! Stay infront of the pc most of the time checking mail and rushing work.. And design some slides for church event.. Sunday church till 4 rush home for some work and meet hubby for dinner in the mall! And there's go my precious weekend!!! Mad exhausted!

Wanted to go out with this girl @winniechia oso no time.. What work have turning me into?

Turning me into a monster! My work actually not that hard and not tat much the only problem is communication error happen too frequent! Too last minutes n everyone want to be the leader that make things worst! Today we gonna hv a meeting to readjust the whole design flow! Hope things getting better..

Love buying candle these days.. Enjoy the scent and feel happy whenever I'm home open my room door and nice scent greet me!
Brought this glasshouse candle from my company .. Honey and milk ! I burn half of the candle and let the melted candle cool down as it is in the glass and tadaa another new candle I have like never finish! Endless candle ! Is candle work that way??or me being stupid? Haha

Should I buy this??!??!? 😱😱

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