Weird combo of salad! Mainly coz the strawberry lar.. But not bad surprisingly .. I use baby spinach and rocket, smoke salmon with garlic salad dressing.. Salad for lazy day.. I seldom cook these days.. Too lazy I just wanna settle dinner quick and nua in the room..

Made fruity french crepe on a lazy Saturday for brunch..
Anyone interested to know how to make crepe? I have pictures tutorial!

Finally have time to dayre the recipe..

1. 1 cup Pancake Mix
2.1 cups milk
3. 2 eggs
4. 2 tablespoons butter

Mix all ingredient nicely

Pour 2-3 tablespoons batter into center of frying pan just a thin layer will do.

Cook crepes until browned; turn and cook lightly on other side.

Wash and cut your fruits and ready to serve with crepe.. Sometimes I'll melt Nutella and mix with Mable syrup for dressing and favor

And tadaa fruity crepe with maple syrup is ready to serve!


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