Farewell dinner for 2 of our intern last week..
Everyone is so young in the company! Haha I'm the oldest among the group!! But good lar I can adsorb their youthful spirit haha nonsense I know..

One of the thing I enjoy doing is to stand behind camera and shoot photo or video,. Starting this month we will start producing a lot of tutorial video and editorial shoot
Oh ya that us plan the shoot for water bucket challenge

Guess who is our CEO taking the challenge and donating 5% of that day sales to ALS..

Everyone look so excited

Poor thing

My friend bring me to little India to fix my Indian food crave! That's me asking for my fav papadam! They call me the papadam beggar

I have a thing with banana leaf! I still miss nirvana one of my must eat other than village nasi lemak

New shoe today, wear super sporty to match with it!!! Thanks Winnie for helping me to get it!!

Lazy to curl my hair nowadays, and I'm really planing to dye it BLACK! Actually I dye it darker shade last month but it's fade extra fast due to swimming.. So yes black hair, I have decided! Black hair black brow!


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