Is it just me having this loading or network error from dayre?!? Everytime I want to update this error just popping up! Almost give up dayre'ing

I've lost track of my daily.. I dunno where should I blog about.. It's been some times! And now is September already!!!! The month I long waited for..
Ok I just blog whatever picture I have in my phone as I'm gonna clear most of it by this week..
Favorite sport badminton! Dunno why everyone are very passion about it whenever ppl jio us we sure go! But We only manage to play once a week coz the court is super hard to book!

Chanwon and chenelle came to visit! That was exactly 1month ago!! Enjoy bringing them around but my itinerary just shop and eat and shop no sightseeing at all..

Had my first Laduree maracon! Thanks Winnie for the treat!!

Couple date gang! The most helpful friend we know in sg!! Our
Activities always start with pots shoot! Haha then cafe hopping n eating

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