My Beauty Haul –

Here’s my buy from! this part of my buy tho since i work there i got tempted everyday! 
here my 3CE buy and what i use for everyday make up to work  
#1 3CE Face Maker | i use it for face couture the color is light and subtle as i don’t like strong couture so it’s good for everyday make up 
#2 3CECream Eyeliner in Brown | always wanted a brown eyeliner for a more natural look
#3 3CE Lip Gloss in real peach | this color look not bad on me because i got good compliment when i use it, good buy!
#4 3CE Shimmer Stick in peach | another good purchase, but you have to be careful applying it and blend it nicely and evenly especially when you stroke them directly on your face
one thing good about 3ce is their color or shade are light so you can create korean inspired light and natural make up look! 
Luxola carry a lot skincare, make up, tools brand at very reasonable price 
go shop now at

2 thoughts on “My Beauty Haul –

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