the recent me

been sometimes i spend time writing a working from home today coz of migraine..
this thing have been really frequent and today was so bad..i vomited 3 times..
Thanks God i make it to finish my urgent task and collapse in the bed till now
is there any way to heal migraine? i never take medication vomit is the only i looking forward whenever i feel my head gonna burst coz after vomited ill feel much better..
my symptom always start with blurry vision  follow by really bad headache at one side then vomit and vomit.. i got it from my i know how my mum feel last time when she’s having migraine 
if you have any good way or medicine to cure share with me
can’t believe im here in SG for almost 8 months! and i work for 5month already!
times past so fast!! so far im in love with lifestyle here i remember a friend told me i will like SG coz im a city girl..haha which quite true im getting very used to fast pace life here
except family aren’t here we have quite a balance life here compare to KL
tho 5 days we’re stuck with work, but at night we will spend times talking or watch drama together we will have at least 2 days night for sport session! Saturday we will rest at home or meeting friends and Sunday church and some shopping time
Working life here in SG is very different from KL 
every morning i have walk, take bus, then train and bus again to office 
the first 2 week i really cannot tahan i wonder how long does it last, but yes im still alive now!
working environment here is very fast-paced maybe we’re in e-commerce industry chasing sales, launching campaign and new brand..every day at work past so fast coz we are fully occupied with work 
in case you don’t know im working at
online beauty website that sell wide range of beauty brands from all over the work
people in my workplace are very professional mostly are young expat 
Sport ! i doing sport! miracle or what!
thanks God the area i stay is really convenient, jogging path to park just downstairs of our house
 sport hall for swimming pool, badminton court and gym is within walking distance
we have different gang of friends doing for badminton! suddenly everyone is so passion about it!
swimming will always me and ming, i love swimming! 
and now the girls have special cardio session conducted by a personal trainer friend, that is really hard and harsh session of all the sport we do! but very useful, we feel so satisfied with abs muscle ache..haha by aching only we feel accomplish, say hello to flat and nice abs yo!
Church life.. we’ve been attending this church RBPC for few months and that’s the church we going to settle in SG is a small cozy Reformed Church that very careful with preaching God’s word and bible teaching
 soon we plan to serve and make it our second home here..
the end

4 thoughts on “the recent me

  1. I have exactly the same symptoms whenever I was having migraine. It's called as Ocular Migraine. It always started with vision loss, I could see some flashing lights or black spots which is very annoying lah, it affects my vision and makes me sensitive to the light. D: And then follow by migraine and nausea. And yes, I always feel so much better too after I vomited. 😀 I have yet to find the cure to it too, I only took pain-killer and rest, that's it.


  2. Thanks Evan for sharing your experience! im not alone!!!
    im gonna try chinese medicine and massage, will how it work if it does will share with you ok!


  3. welcome to SG! Came across your blog again after some time, and found out u r in SG. Life can be tough at the beginning, but don't give up, it's will be better. Drop me a message if u need help in anything. 🙂


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