Okie editor market part 2
That's was 2 week ago

With ping n Jessie
Many of you may don't know EM practice tier pricing
For example for a top
1-2pcs = 29
3-5pcs= 25
6pcs =20
You can mix with bottom, shoe and bag each items come with 3 pricing meaning if you get 6pcs you will enjoy cheaper price for all items.. That why we always go together before August even if you get 6pcs and more the following 7th, 8th n 9th items will be at the price of 6 too .. But this month they change the policy!!!You will get 6pcs price only when u get 6,12,24pcs

N tats our expression when we found out!! Not Happy!!! Btw do I make u more confuse or wht? I don't care la I'll will go coz this clothes n sizing really nice

Maybe you're more interested in wht I tried
Ruffle sleeves crop top and flora short

Yellow crochet crop top and ripped skinny

Was away to editor market again!! Haha this time with Winnie
Continue crochet top

X top

I didn't buy all tho! If you are me which you'll buy?

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