My favorite shop in SG

The day come again! Editor's market buying trip! I go at least once a month to stock up my closet! And constantly checking on their site for new arrivals whenever I saw something I will go to their outlet to try on it.. Hehe

My kaki to shop!!! Love them..

Stuff I tried last month and now in my wardrobe
I love their stuff coz the sizing is just right for me, like this skort in s it's just fitted on me and length is nice too

Ootd pairing it with top from bangkok

Love the back design of this short! Full of ruffle n puffy
The pant also! Just the length I want!! HAha I sound exaggerated but that really what I talking to myself in the fitting room

The only picture to show puffy design of the shirt

Outfit coordinate

Last from last month which I dint get it the top is nice but no a size and short is good but nth to match

Who wanna see this month buy!?!?

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