Managed to come on early on Tuesday for dinner and movie..cooked super easy dishes prepared in 15min.. After dinner n bath we changed to out most comfy pj n walk to cinema for movie!

My favorite!! We sneak in this chip to the theater! Muahaha awesome combination comfy pj, favorite chips n late night movie!
We watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes -not bad! actually I prefer comedy, documentation or drama movie then scifi ,action and superhero movie! But 99% of movie we watched in the camera all those that I'm not preferred 😭😭 Coz he's into visual effect so he always decide what to watched! For example the fault in our stars the book that make me cry n finished..

I'm so looking forward to watch the movie! But now ended up no times watching it n now no longer available in the cinema..😭😭

But this movie thingy is the thing I always give in coz of his love to movie n working in film industry .. So I'll let him choose the movie he want to watch.. Coz actually I prefer shopping than movie can only happen on weekday night n rare coz we normally hv to stay late at work.. So whenever we hv time slot for movie he will get to pick although I always complain lar

Guess it's help in our relationship we need a balance.. Can't always be him to sacrifices and 付出

Ok move on to Wednesday! Hv a little shoot in the office secretly.. Thanks to my best mate in the office jessis 🙂 shooting for a sponsor.. Torero clutch from

It's PVC material not cloth so it will not easily get dirt or stain! Quality is awesome I think coz it's from Korea! Everything korea a is good .. Haha to me la

Badminton night again!!! With another gang hehe.. Now I hv 4 gang of kaki!! Hubby's colleague, sg friends, my colleaugue n pingpongkim haha everyone so rajin book court now!
Yesterday was good play!! Play nonstop! Then we have personal trainer some more! And short cardio session before dinner!thats why I'm now still laying on bed now at 12! Coz my muscle very vey ache and pain!!

My sg gang is a couple gang!!

My new hobby n hello body cramp n muscle pain!

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