Good morning! Today My armpit grow pineapple! Haha actually I haven't finished my post yesterday.. But never mind la since it's not a full story.. Tat day I wear this Ong lai top and kena birdshit on my arm! Then my Indian friend say that is luck! Haha dunno true ornot.. Then my friend say coz is eat Ong lai very Ong mah+ lucky is very good! Ask me buy lottery sure win.. Ya I have siao colleague but I love them coz I'm siao too

Asian gang! Haha..combination of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia and Hong Kong

From sport attire to badminton racket! All tick off the list!

Played our first badminton last week, sweat so much and so shiok! Another 2 game this week., hopefully this continue at least for few month

Gear up for badminton.. Now I'm having bad muscle ache! Every move is a pain! 😭


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